Internet protection available on every device

Why do I need SafeZone?

We put you in control. SafeZone helps you untangle the web by filtering out adult content, social media or anything undesirable should you need to. It's simple to use with a range of preconfigured settings that you can customise to suit your family.

As SafeZone works within your fibre connection, it applies to every device connected to your home network, making the internet a safer place for everyone.

  • Simple. Nothing to install
  • Turn on and off filters from anywhere
  • Protects your entire home
Can I get fibre?
Safe zone

How do I set it up?

It is as simple switching on and off your light switch. You can filter any type of content you want by following simple instructions in the dashboard.


“SafeZone is a great feature that every family should make use of. I know in my own home it gives me real peace of mind.“

Sam Morse, Stuff Fibre CEO Sam Morse, Stuff Fibre CEO

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