Gigabit Router

Unleash the full potential of fibre

Why is a router important?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So what’s the point of getting fibre into your home if it’s only going to get slowed down by a low-quality WiFi router?

We've got you covered with a great ASUS Gigabit router ready for the fastest speeds fibre can offer, included* at no extra cost!

If you have a big home or a household of heavy internet users, we also have an awesome alternative router option that gives you next-level performance.

* If you selected our Gigabit Router and your Fibre service ends for any reason, you get to keep the Router and you authorise us to charge you a discounted price of $90 for it. You still have the option to return the Router and we will credit the $90 charge back once we receive everything in good working order. Check out our Support area and Terms for further details on how this works.

Can I get fibre?

Gigabit routerIncluded in base package

RRP $179
  • For regular users
  • 1-20 devices at once
  • 1-5 person flat / family
  • 1-3 bedroom home
  • Single storey home
Technical details

Tri-band RouterAdd to base package

RRP $539
  • For heavy users
  • 20+ devices at once
  • 5+ person flat / family
  • 3+ bedroom home
  • Multi-storey home
Technical details

Why is the Tri-band router so special?

This router offers extra capacity and connectivity for larger homes, or homes with intense internet needs. Watch multiple HD video at once across multiple devices without interference or buffering. With an extra 5GHz network for connecting more high-speed devices, 6 external antennas, dual core 1GHz processor and a built-in firewall for network security.

“We are confident we have picked the best routers for our customers. We’ve worked hard to make sure that it’s easy to set-up and provides a great fibre experience.“

Geoff D’Audney, CTO Geoff D’Audney, CTO

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