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Why do I need boost?

For a truly staggering step-up from plain old copper nothing beats Boost. If using lots of devices, online gaming or sending large files is your thing then Boost is for you. You’ll set the internet alight and be the envy of your mates. It's broadband as it should be.

What’s my current internet speed? Can I get fibre?

FibreIncluded in base package

  • Great speeds
  • Speedy download
  • Reliable
100mbps 20mbps

BoostAdd to base package

  • Max speed possible
  • Millisecond downloads
  • Unbeatable
700-900mbps 500mbps

So what is boost?

Boost is the fastest possible speed available to you. In most areas of the country you’ll see speeds of 700 - 900 mbps.
*Actual speeds varies by household


“I have a busy house, lots of kids. The threat of armageddon in my home if the internet is buffering is too scary to contemplate.“

Rob Tihanyi, CCO Rob Tihanyi, CCO

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