Expert set up

Don’t have time or not tech savy?

What is expert setup?

Getting Fibre connected to your home is simple - and our routers are plug and play.

But ensuring you get the best performance from all of the devices in your home can sometimes be a challenge; we've got you covered. You have the option to have one of our friendly Noel Leeming experts come to your home and do it for you.

  • Get the best router placement
  • Ensure your devices are networked correctly
  • Save you time for more important things
Can I get fibre?
Expert Setup

What is an Expert setup?

Take away all of the worry of getting your shiny new fibre-powered home network setup - have someone who really knows what they are doing do it for you!

“I don’t have time to set-up all of our devices at home. The last thing I want to be is the IT help desk if things go wrong.“

John Simmons, CFO John Simmons, CFO

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